Web Directories

If you don't already know about web directories, then you are missing out! Web Directories categorize sites into different topics; allowing the user to find websites for a given category easily (instead of searching the entire Web). This is very helpful for us because it makes it easy to find relevant websites to add to our RSS Feeds. There are four main web directories: Yahoo! Directory, DMOZ, NewsIsFree, and Syndic8. I didn't find Syndic8 to be helpful, however, you should look through it and experiment for yourself.

Yahoo! Directory

Under the Computers and Internet topic there is a directory for Macintosh that has 450 links. From here there are a lot of options, and I would recommend looking through each one because you will never know where you might find useful information. I thought the best topic was News and Media which has 73 links. This is excellent for finding great RSS Feeds! 4 of the top 5 listed are in my RSS Feed. If you get a chance, try looking through all of them. This resource has saved me a massive amount of time at this job!


I had a lot more trouble using DMOZ. Going through topics manually (as we did above) is very difficult because it splits the Computers topic into Software and Hardware (both of which Apple specialize in), among a range of other things. Since we are more concerned with hardware, I went to the Hardware page, only to get lost.

Going back to the DMOZ home page I tried a search for Apple. This worked better, it brought up 18 categories about Apple (only 6 of which actually applied to Apple). Of these, I found two that were relatively useful: Computers->Systems->Apple and Computers->Comapnies->Apple Inc. After spending a lot of time to go through these, I found some helpful RSS feeds, however, it was nowhere near as awesome as Yahoo! One nice thing about the two DMOZ directories above is that they split Apple into it's different parts: iPhone (69 feeds), iPod (33 feeds), Mac OS (648 feeds), and more.



NewsIsFree is awesome! It has a special category just for Apple that has 242 sources. Not only did it supply me with a plethora of great feeds, but it is very easy to navigate. This was easily one of the best resources I found, I added 8 feeds from this site to my Blogroll. Definitely check out NewsIsFree!

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