When searching for videos, there are two main sites I use: Truveo and Blinkx. Video is not used very frequently during my job, however, it can be very useful in three main situations:

  1. Learning about new products. For instance, I found the product videos from my products pages using Truveo.
  2. Advertising. Apple does a lot of advertising (as I'm sure you know from the Mac vs. PC ads).
  3. Watching news stories about Apple. While I prefer reading them online, you may choose to watch them.


Creating a search for "Apple" brought back 1 video about Apple. Even searching for "Apple Inc." still only brings back 2 results. However, searching for products works very well. I did a search for "iPod Nano" and it brought back 12,300 results. One of the results was a clip of Steve Job's announcing the new iPod Nano. I added this video to my iPod page under the Nano.

Another cool feature is that Truveo allows you to organize your results by:

  • Top Ranked
  • Most Viewed this Week
  • Most Viewed this Month
  • Most Viewed of All Time
  • Most Recent

This is useful because it can help you customize your search.

A column on the right side of the page labeled "CNET TV" also provides some pretty cool videos. In case you don't know, CNET is a technology site that provides reviews of products, news, and several other functions. It's very useful that Truveo includes all CNET videos for this product, because you can access CNET's wide database without having to surf through their site. As well, Truveo provides other channels than just CNET: Youtube, Dailymotion, Google Video, ExpoTV, and many others.

I used the CNET channel to search for videos about the iPod Touch. I organized by "Most Viewed of All Time" and found a very good review of the iPod Touch which I used in my background page on the iPod



Blinkx is more flashy than Truveo. While searching for "Apple" didn't bring back good results (again), searching for "Apple Inc." did. I don't really like the layout for Blinkx, however, and had trouble finding videos that appeal to me. Sorting by Relevance brought back a bunch of random videos, and sorting by Date gave mostly useless videos. Additionally, I am not happy with Blinkx's search of Apple products, most are irrelevant or user-created that don't help our search. Look through the results for "iPod Classic" and decide for yourself.

For both of these sites, you can obtain an RSS Feed for any search. This can be very helpful, given the proper application. If you were to apply Yahoo Pipes and filter these videos properly, it could be helpful. I am not a big video person, and therefore didn't use these sites much (nor did I create a Yahoo! Pipe) but there is potential if you choose. For this section, I would highly recommend that you experiment with these sites yourself to learn what you like.

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