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Welcome to your new position! Given that I am unable to talk to you, I created this Wiki to help you understand how you can do your job most efficiently. Thanks to years on the job and an awesome internet technology class I took in college, I have maximized my efficiency as an Apple analyst. This Wiki is designed to give you some direction for when you start. First, to get a feel for the company, check out my Background page and learn about Apple's products. Then spend some time looking through my Reports page. My Reports are weekly updates on Apple, covering the type of information an analyst typically covers. But the MOST IMPORTANT resource for you is my Sources page. You will be blown away by the number of resources that are available to make our job easier.

Throughout the Wiki, you will find this image: kfm_home.png which you can click to take you back here to the homepage. You can also navigate using the top and side bar menus.

If you want to search for any Apple information, use my Apple custom search engine:


My Sources page indicate how I have found all of my information. It is very important that you read through this page to understand how you can find and organize Apple news. You must be able to to do this for yourself if you want to succeed as an Apple analyst.


Every week I will publish a report which includes all important news and rumors involving Apple. Apple has a reputation for concealing its new products, and therefore a lot of rumors circulate. It's necessary to analyze these rumors because they are an important part of following Apple. I will include a short summary of each article I post, however, I would strongly recommend you read each article for yourself. Listed below are the five most current reports. Go to this page if you want to see all of the reports.

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10 Dec 2008 01:18 Apple Update December 3rd-8th
This is my final report. It discusses all important updates and discussions involving Apple Inc. between December 3rd and 8th.
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