On this page are all of the resources I have used during my tenure. While there are a lot of resources, I did my best to organize them as easily as possible. Nonetheless, you may have to read through this entire page a few times. It took me months to learn all of these, so don't rush yourself, take your time!

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Before we begin, read about General Search features of the Internet. These are practices that can be very helpful in many situations.

Additionally, create an account on Delicious to make your job much more organized.

RSS Feeds

The most important resource I use is my RSS Feeds, and believe me you will not survive this job without it. Look through and understand this page before you do anything else:

Here are some good ways to find RSS Feeds:

Alternatives to RSS Feeds using Email

Check out my Email Filtering page to learn how to make these resources more efficient.

Other Resources

Custom Search Engines are probably my favorite tool behind RSS Feeds. You can build a group of websites and create a search engine that will search just those sites (instead of searching the billions of pages on the Web).

Metasearch Engines are a useful tool that combines several different search engines.

Digg is a social news site where users "digg" articles they like.


There are two main sections of multi-media: Image Search and Videos.


Here is a list of my Favorite Websites.

To find basic information, you can use Wikipedia or Mahalo. I'm sure you have already heard of Wikipedia and seen first-hand it's awesome uses. Mahalo is very similar to Wikipedia, however, it's much more informal and user-friendly. It also provides some different information than Wikipedia. Try looking through it's Apple page and see what you think.

When you are finish looking through the above resources, please go to my Final page.

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