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My most important resource for analyzing Apple is my RSS Feeds, which I use Bloglines. Google also provides a good RSS reader with Google Reader. Currently I check this account many times per day, and it easily saves me hours and hours every day. I have over a dozen different sources for Apple. It is necessary for you to create your own Blogroll, and I would recommend starting now. In order to find good feeds, you should use trial-and-error. This means adding a page, testing it out for a little while, and if you like it, keep it. You can use many of the same feeds as me, but you must also search the Web to see if you can find some for yourself. Below, I discuss some of my feeds:

Take a look at my Blogroll and look through my current RSS Feeds.


  • Seeking Alpha provides great financial analysis of Apple, which is vital for our position as an Apple analyst. This is my favorite feed! Here and here are two examples of superb articles I got from this feed.
  • MacNN is full of blogs, news, and rumors surrounding anything Apple. It is the ultimate Apple fanboy site.
  • BNet is one of my favorite feeds because it provides a wide variety of interesting news about Apple. The actual website ( provides financial analysis, blogs, and articles from around the Web.
  • Apple Hot News and Apple Press Release come from the Apple website and provide news that comes straight from the company. This feed is not updated very frequently, because it is only when Apple releases news to the public. It is very useful however.
  • Silicon Alley Insider is an excellent site which provides news on all corners of the technology industry. While only a relatively small percentage of the feeds regard Apple, I have found some very interesting news and rumors. As well, it is extremely helpful because this site provides news about all areas of technology, and therefore helps me stay current with the world in and around Apple.
  • Digg Apple is a Digg page created specificly for Apple articles, it is amazing!! If you don't already know, Digg is a site where users "Digg" articles they find interesting, and the most popular (most Digged) articles are organized. If you don't know much about Digg, be sure to check out my Digg page later.

Listed below are examples of feeds that I initially thought would be useful, but upon experimentation were not. This is the beauty of RSS Feeds! While I would normally delete them, I left them in my Blogroll for you to see.

  • MacInTouch is "the originial Mac news and information site since 1994." It is not helpful! It provides a plethora of feeds daily, however, none of them are informative for analyzing Apple. The majority of the feeds are about random Apple software updates which are not applicable. I found myself wasting my time searching through dozens of useless articles.
  • MacObserver provides a lot of random, but not helpful articles and blogs.
  • MacIT only publishes an article once a month, which pretty much takes up space on my Blogroll.
  • Digg RSS News Search for "Apple -fruit" is a unique search I created for Digg. While it works well, it overlaps a lot with Digg's Apple page, and therefore is not very useful (mostly just a waste of time).
  • MacRumors is mostly unhelpful. Despite publishing frequent updates, most of their news regards the software/technology side that is not relevant for our analysis. I have found a few useful news articles from this source, but not enough to justify keeping it in my RSS feed.

Before you move on, make sure you create your own RSS feed and become familiar with its features.

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