Research Notes

Research notes for Apple Inc.

BIG NEWS: Apple released a statement that they are having a press conference on Tuesday, October 14 to release its newest Macbooks. The Macbooks have been extremely successful since their initial relase in summer 2006.

Recently, Apple announced their new line of iPod Touch and the iPod Nano.

Here's an interesting article discussing iPhone 3G sales.

Recent analysts have shown that Apple is gaining in teen preferences and purchases. This is very significant given Apple's industry, where the young generation is the future. The majority of the older generation is ignorant when it comes to technology, yet technology is skyrocketing with the younger crowd (14 year old kids have cell phones these days)

Friday, September 26th

  • I overcame a very interesting article discussing iTunes. It illustrates some very good points about why some in the music industry dislike iTunes, hurting its credibility. This could become a big hurdle for Apple in the future (it has already caused some problems):

While consumers strongly prefer purchasing music by individual song, music label executives, managers and even some artists dislike the iTunes policy that requires music to be made available by the song as well as by the album. Profit margins for single-song sales aren't nearly as good as the margins for album sales. Meanwhile, Amazon lets labels sell music the way they want to.

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