Apple Update November 26th-December 2nd

This page provides a report of all important updates and discussions involving Apple Inc. between November 26th and December 2nd. Most of the news this week surrounds Apple's Black Friday deals.

Tuesday, December 2nd

The iPhone is now not only the second most popular smartphone in the world but has saved the smartphone industry from a decline this past summer, according to a research note by Needham analyst Charlie Wolf.

Current MacBooks use air cooling, driven by internal fans; while this is sufficient, it is thought that future components — such as faster video cards and quad-core CPUs — may force Apple to use more efficient (and possibly quieter) cooling. Under the active method, coolant would be forced to pass over or near the circuits in question, through the combination of a pump, pipes and drivers. The coolant could be made to shift between liquid and gaseous phases, but alternately, fluid could be mixed with gas bubbles or metal particles in order to improve heat transfer. Heat would ultimately be dissipated into the air through fin stacks.

Monday, December 1st

  • Given that iPhone games have been selling like hotcakes and the iTunes store has been extremely successful, a lot of discussion is spreading the internet regarding iTunes. In my last report, there was an article that called iTune's App Store "Apple's Best Idea Yet, better than the iPod and the iPhone. AppleMatters posted an article called: Why iTunes is so Hard to Beat.

There is a lot about iTunes that I don't like. If anything, I think it has reached the point where Apple would be better off scraping the name, redesigning it as an all encompassing media player and call it something new. But even taking that into consideration, iTunes is a wonderful piece of software. And even if you don't like all of the extra crap they have bolted onto it over the years, as a music player it is still the best one I've ever used.

Sunday, November 30th

All told, three of Amazon’s top 10 bestselling electronics items — and 10 of the top 25 — were made by Apple. By Sunday, five of the top 25 computers on Amazon were MacBooks.

A good sign in this regard is said to Amazon and the iPod touch; while Amazon usually has lead times of one to two days on Touches, stock is now said to be extremely low, resulting in leads of 11 days for 8GB models and three to five weeks for 16GB players. This may be particularly good given the Touch's status as Apple's most expensive iPod, Wu notes.

Thursday, November 27th

  • On Black Friday (Friday, November 28th), Apple will offer some big sales on some of their products. "The company is offering $101 discounts on its latest generation "unibody" MacBooks and a $51 discount on its entry-level $999 white MacBook. The company is also offering $51 or $101 discounts on its aluminum iMac desktops." Apple also offered discounts on many of their other products such as AppleTV and Apple software. However, some analysts weren't so impressed:

The difficulty, the analysts suggest, is that these sales are largely consistent with last year, representing about 5 to 10 percent off instead of predicted cuts as high as 15 percent. It is thought that sales may thus prove to be somewhat disappointing, given biting economic conditions.

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