Apple Update November 12th-18th

This page provides a report of all important updates and discussions involving Apple Inc. between November 12th and 18th.

Monday, November 17th

  • Analysts are predicting that Apple may have a very successful holiday season, despite the economic crisis. AppleInsider and Alley Insider wrote articles discussing their impression of analyst Gene Munster's analysis.

The firm's checks reveal the Cupertino-based company is selling an average of 28 iPhone 3Gs per day through each of its retail stores, down from 95 units per day in July, immediately following the handset's launch. While those results would suggest a stark decline in quarterly sales, analyst Gene Munster said expanded international availability, the upcoming holiday shopping season, and the addition of Best Buy as an authorized iPhone reseller in US should combined to offset any slowdown in sales at the company's stores.

  • The New York Times recently analyzed the new Macbook's "green credentials", posting overall positive reviews of the new product. However, some "green-gadget watchers" found fault in the Macbook's new aluminum production process.

Well, as green gadgets go, the machine performs well. It achieves both Energy Star 4.0 compliance, as well as a gold rating from the Green Electronics Council.

Hank Green, founder and editor of, saw a different problem. “Although the computer is very efficient and uses less toxic and more recyclable materials,” Mr. Green said in an e-mail message, “the one revolutionary aspect of the MacBook — its solid aluminum brick construction — is not green at all.”

Sunday, November 16th

  • For decades, Apple has been a complete non-factor in the business world, however, it appears this is changing with the popularity of the iPhone. This article discusses Apple's growing presence in the business world.

One big boost to the devices newfound corporate loving was the series of business friendly software programs for the iPhone 3G which was released in July. However, even after this release, most businesses' top brass still prefer RIM's Blackberry to the iPhone. The real gains for the iPhone in business have been in fact forced by guerilla movements within companies by employees. Top executives and younger users alike are finding themselves drawn in droves to the new device and while at first they may not look at it as a possible business tool, it’s starting to slip into their business lives.

Thursday, November 13th

At first glance, the rumors make sense. Apple’s Safari browser has 6-7% market share, and currently uses Google as the search engine for both the standard and iPhone/iPod versions (unlike other browsers, you don’t have a choice). Also, Apple can’t be super pleased with Google’s competition to the iPhone with Android. Google (GOOG) CEO Eric Schmidt, who’s also on Apple’s board of directors, sits out of discussions involving Apple’s mobile strategy, and rumor is he may leave the board.

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