Page Monitors


I like to check weekly to monitor any changes they make to their website. I would recommend using a page monitor such as to follow their site. Simply create an account and create a page for each page on Apple's website that you want to watch. Then, will email you when that page changes. You should add every product page for Apple, totaling about 10 pages. After adding them it will be as easy as checking your email. I use gmail email filtering for this.



Dapper allows you to create a content feed for any website (such as youtube). Creating your own Dapp can be complicated, so check out this Demo to learn the features of Dapper and how to make a Dapp. Not only can you create your own feed, but you can also look at what other users have created. For instance, there are 132 Dapps currently for the search Apple. Specializing further, I found 23 Dapps for Apple RSS feeds. Looking through these, I found some interesting and unique Dapps that gave me some ideas for my Blogroll. For instance, this Dapp about AAPL Google Finance was particularly interesting.

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