News Search

News Search is extremely helpful for Apple because a lot of Apple's major developments come through the news. The three best news sources are:

While all three are very similar in their features, I like Google News the best. I think Altavista is the worst because it does not offer many of the advanced features of Google and Yahoo. However, I recommend you look through all three.

Google News

Google News is one of the reasons I love Google. It is very simple and easy to use. It categorizes News into the U.S., World, Business, Sci/Tech, Entertainment, Sports and Health. As well, Google News categorizes news by country. Even cooler is that Google News allows you to add your own category! I added a News section for "Apple" and added this to my RSS Feed. As well, the Advanced Search is very helpful because it allows you to specialize your search even further by keywords, date, source, location, and more.

Google News Archive

The most unique thing about Google News is Google News Archive, which is very, very cool. If you ever need to find out detailed information from the past, this is the resource to use.

For instance I did an Archive search for iPod to try and find some past articles about the iPod (from before it became huge). On the left side, you see you can specialize the news articles by year (2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, Before 2004). I tried Before 2004 in an attempt to access some articles from the iPod's beginning. It is amazing to see how well this works: for instance, I found an article discussing Apple's growth and whether or not the iPod will be successful (funny). Also in the search results, I found a CNN article titled "First Look at Apple's iPod."

This resource is not perfect though, as one of the articles dated October 23, 2001 is actually from 2006.

Yahoo! News

Creating a search for "Apple", we see news stories and photos come up. Yahoo! also provides a list of similar queries, such as "apple 3g iphone", "apple computer", "apple tv", and more. Yahoo! allows you to search "All News", "Yahoo! News", "News Photos", and "Video/Audio". This can be helpful given the situation. Yahoo's advanced search is very similar to Google, except it allows you to search specific categories (such as World, Health, Technology, etc.) and it lets you specify what language you want the pages to be written in (in case you speak Icelandic).

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