Apple has recently joined the mobile phone market and has been extremely successful, selling almost 7 million iPhone 3G's in the fiscal year fourth quarter of 2008. This is higher than the number of Blackberry's sold by RIMM (the market leader) in the same period! Apple has already sold more than 13 million iPhone's, easily surpassing their goal of 10 million. Read this article to learn more.

Their release of the iPhone in June 2007 received massive amounts of hype all around the U.S., as for weeks the news was bombarded with iPhone news. Currently, Apple is working exclusively with the AT&T network.

The iPhone is a multi-media phone that utilizes a multi-touch screen instead of a physical keyboard. The iPhone has a camera, a music player (just like an iPod), text messaging, and Internet services, such as checking your email and web browsing. The iPhone offers many other applications on the home page, such as: Maps, Calendar, YouTube, iTunes store, and others. The iPhone also runs its own operating system, called the iPhone OS, which has a similar foundation as Mac OS X. What makes the iPhone so extraordinary is that it manages to incorporate all of these features into an easy-to-use handheld device. The homepage, which is shown in the image below, is organized very well and is very user-friendly (it allows for the user to arrange the items however they like).


Apple is constantly working on upgrading its iPhone to provide the best service. For instance, they announced the second version, the iPhone 3G, this past summer. Apple sold 1 million iPhone 3G's in its first three days on sale. Many competitors have recently tried to imitate the iPhone, through products such as the Samsung F700, LG KE850, OpenMoko Neo1973, and many others.1

The iPhone was named Time magazine's Invention of the Year in 2007.

Here is a review of the iPhone 3G from CNET.com.

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