Image Search

In order to create this Wiki, I had to find various pictures of Apple. You will almost certainly need to know how to do this at your position, and regardless it is a very useful resources to have. There are many different image search resources, and I will list the best below:

  1. Google Images/Yahoo Images/Ask Images: basic search features.
  2. Pixolu: allows for a very specialized search (can search Flickr, Google and Yahoo).
  3. PicSearch: has basic search features and offers interesting customizable options (search for images or animations, black&white photos).
  4. Flickr: provides very high quality user-generated images.
  5. Images at Google News / Images at Yahoo News: supplies images from news sources.
  6. Search.IO: as discussed in metasearch engines provides search results for many popular sites (Google, Flickr, Photobucket) all in one.

Listed below are two examples of these sites: Flickr, and Google News.


I decided to search for some images of the new MacBook Aluminum. Using Flickr, I did an image search for "new MacBook aluminum" and almost every result that came back was some variation of the new MacBook. Of the first 24 results, 18 were of the new MacBook aluminum and I found 8 that could be useful for my project. This is compared to Google finding 0 images of the new MacBook. Another thing to note is the quality of Flickr images is much, much better than those of Google.

2957824081_28c8fe4efb_m.jpg 2956265017_2de9b00dae_m.jpg 2251157357_4227b75910_m.jpg

Google News Search

Both Google News and Yahoo News provide pictures with their news updates. This can be beneficial if you are searching for images of something related to the news. Given that I wanted pictures from Apple's media event, this was the perfect tool for me. One thing to note is that while Flickr provides user-generated images, the images produced by Google News are much more formulaic. I did a Google News Search for "MacBook Aluminum" which brought back 250 results, many of which were very good:

apple-macbook.jpg 136055-macbook_med_original.jpg
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