General Search


You can specialize your search in Google (or Yahoo) in various ways using special search syntax. This is a tool that allows you to target your searches on specific parts of documents. You can use these operators to raise the precision of your queries.

Title — intitle:
Site — site:
Top-level domain — site:
URL contents — inurl:
Links — link:
Specific words - " "

Listed below are some examples of how these can be used. Check out this page for Google or this page for Yahoo to learn more about these operators.


One common problem I have when searching for Apple is that I constantly get results for the fruit. Sometimes I specify Apple Inc., yet many websites refer to the company as Apple and not Apple Inc. Also, you can't use Apple Computer because not only is that not their title (they were Apple Computer Inc. before 2007), but they specialize in much more than just computers (obviously). Therefore, using special syntax is very useful.

General Apple search

A basic example is a Google search for Apple -fruit.

You can specify further by searching for intitle:Apple -fruit -tree -juice site:com. You can specialize it as much as you want. It's very easy to use trial-and-error for this process, until you get a final desired result.

iPhone search

If you wanted to do a search for information about iPhone's multi-touch software, you could try one of these:

Don't be afraid to try different things:
intitle:iPhone intitle:Apple "multi-touch" "technology" "screen" "LCD" site:com

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