Favorite Websites

While I use my RSS Feeds a lot, I also have a few websites that I check daily. My favorites are SeekingAlpha.com, MacNN.com, and Digg.

Seeking Alpha


This is my #1 site. Seeking Alpha analyzes the news in the exact mindset that our job requires, and therefore it's a great tool to have. Not only do they provide the perfect analysis, but their articles are always very interesting. I LOVE THIS SITE!

I also like looking through MarketWatch.com as well.


This is the perfect site for keeping up to date with Apple news. They are very good at monitoring all Apple news (whether big or small), and I love to skim this site looking for random articles. I especially like skimming through their Daily Headlines page which discusses all of the daily news involving Apple.


I love looking through Digg. This is a very cool site, and provides great news about Apple. As we learned earlier, Digg is a social site, where users tag articles they like the most. Therefore, Digg's Apple page consists of articles that a lot of users love. This gives a great perspective of how the American internet population sees Apple and Apple news. I also love reading through this site for enjoyment purposes (can find a lot of funny, dorky, and quirky news) and learning about the technology industry.

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