Digg is a social tag-based site, where users have the opportunity to "digg" every item. The number of diggs an item has indicates the popularity of an article. Below you can see that the first article has been Dugg 379 times. This provides a unique analysis of news that traditional news sites don't provide because now you can search for the most popular news. This gives great insight into what American people are thinking and what Apple news they find important. This is especially important to see what Apple's dedicated fans (many of the people on Digg) are thinking about their different products and news.

Digg has a special section just for Apple! If you go to the homepage and look at the top bar menu, the first option is Technology. The first item under Technology is Apple! Digg has its own site related to Apple news, which provides awesome updates and insights into the Apple community. I added this to my Blogroll and it has become one of my favorite feeds!


I use Digg for more than just Apple news. It provides excellent resources for reading about the entire technology sector, and I use it as one of my primary sources of news and enjoyment. So go explore!

I would also recommend checking out Reddit.com, which is similar to Digg but has some unique advantages. While Digg only lets you give an item a positive review, Reditt allows you to give both positive and negative reviews. This adds an interesting element to Reddit because some articles may be very Controversial and receive both negative and positive reviews. As well, Reddit is less partial to the liberal party than Digg. It is very noticeable when looking through Digg's content that it is biased towards Democrats and liberals, much more than Reddit.

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