Rosacea Search


Rosacea is a commonly misunderstood disease, with many symptoms very similar to acne. It is distinguished by consistent redness of the cheeks and face. Some studies estimate that it affects 45 million people worldwide. I was diagnosed with rosacea my senior year in high school, and it has been a constant factor in my life ever since. I like to keep up to date with the current treatments and status of rosacea online, and I decided to try a search using different Web Directories.


A DMOZ search

For my first search, I tried a DMOZ search for Rosacea. This search gave me an array of websites, all of which are very applicable. I was stunned to see how accurate and valuable the links it provided were. Comparing these results with those from a Google search of "Rosacea" drew some paralllel results. However, in order to find those useful links in Google I had to spend a lot of time searching through the results. The DMOZ search brought back all valid responses, and presented them in a much simpler form than Google.

Yahoo! Directory search

A more specific search that I did was for Rosacea treatments. There is no cure for Rosacea, however, with different treatments it can be controlled. For this, I decided to try a Yahoo! Directory search for Rosacea treatments. In only one page of results, I found results regarding popular rosacea sites, dieting, skin care products, and forums. One site I found,, was really helpful and provided me with insights that I didn't have before. My Yahoo! Directory search proved very successful.

Much of the information I have found using these Directory's are things I already knew. This is because over the past several years I have invested a large amount of time researching this disease. Had I known about these resources earlier, I could have saved myself a great deal of time. This should provide very beneficial for me for the future, as it can be useful for almost any web search. Give it a shot, you'll be amazed how helpful it is!

One last study

To finish off my hunt for rosacea help, I tried a few searches in google. The most successful was a search for " * helped my rosacea" | " * cured my rosacea". This search brought back 911 results and I found several interesting and worthwhile tips. One of the links suggested taking a daily baby aspirin to help prevent inflammation, something which I had never heard of. While this and other tips I found may not be the cure for my problem, they certainly aid me in my search for unique ideas.

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