Searching for Apple Feeds

In order to accurately follow Apple Inc. for my term project, I need to track a lot of information. Apple is a gossip machine, churning out tons of rumors and reports weekly. Therefore, RSS feeds are crucial for me to be able to follow all of this meanwhile maintaining my sanity. I spent some time exploring different searchable subject indices of RSS feeds, and here's what I found:


I did not like Syndic8. It had 106 sources for Technology, which at first seemed promising. It further divided this category into Hardware and Software, making it somewhat difficult for my search because Apple specializes in both of these fields. After searching through both sections, I did not find any useful information. There was one Mac feed under Software, but I did not use it because it was not applicable for my project. While Syndic8 was not useful for my search, I could see it being useful for others. After surveying the site under the DMOZ tab for a little while, I found an awesome site about my favorite sports team, the Detroit Red Wings. This was actually rather depressing because the main story is one discussing Yzerman potentially leaving Detroit (a very disturbing thought).



The only thing I can say is: NewsIsFree is awesome! It provided me with 242 sources discussing Apple. Not only did it supply me with a plethora of websites, but it was very easy to navigate. I had to stop myself after only a short while because most of the feeds it provided me with were useful. I added 12 feeds from this site to my Bloglines account. I was elated after going through NewsIsFree, because I knew that these RSS feeds would make my life so much easier. I would highly recommend starting your search using NewsIsFree!

Yahoo! Search Directory

While I was already content from my success with NewsIsFree, I wanted to check out Yahoo! Search Directory. It is very good as well! After a little bit of searching, I found 72 feeds regarding Mac news. Many of the news feeds I found in the Yahoo! Search Directory are the same as those I added from NewsIsFree. I also found one site called which is extremely cool. It is my favorite website so far!

Overall, I give two thumbs up to these sites. Adding these RSS Feeds will save me a lot of valuable time. I would definitely give all three sites (Syndic8, NewsIsFree, and Yahoo! Search Directory) a shot for your next research project, or even for fun. Also, try the RSS Network Site, it can't hurt. It's amazing how many resources there are that I never knew about before, and I hope you can take advantage of this as well. Enjoy!

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